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Find new ways to power your business with Artificial Intelligence (AI)! | It's time you think about what Machine Learning (ML) can do for your business.

ONPASSIVE - About The Business

ONPASSIVE is going to launch as a unicorn AI tech company that is dedicated to creating business solutions from the sophisticated technologies of the world. The offerings of the establishment emphasize and work towards automating a wide variety of operations to augment the profitability of firms. The organization also focuses on implementing AI offerings that can be scalable to varied sizes of firms. Also, the small and medium enterprises are the ones that will be benefited most from our solutions by empowering them with modern technology to ward off any competition from large, global corporations.

ONPASSIVE is the first and only Total Internet Solution (TIS) with a complete ecosystem of tools and applications. Tagged as the first-ever Smart Business Solution (SBS), ONPASSIVE is the only place where there is no need for selling or recruiting. You choose what to sell and what to recruit only if you want. ONPASSIVE primarily gives you three main pillars of success with more in the making. You get a viable business, an efficient toolset that is set on autopilot, fueled with an endless and unlimited amount of traffic and visitors to your business.


Knowing Mr.Ash Mufareh

Ash Mufareh is the founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE. He leads the organization intending to introduce the latest technological advancements in AI. Ash is an innovative entrepreneur with a strategic business acumen equipped to visualize and steer a compelling idea into a deep-rooted reality amidst a chaotic and dynamic ecosystem.

ONPASSIVE is the brainchild of Ash Mufareh, which focuses on delivering Smart Business Solutions (SBS) with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Ash holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology and e-commerce from American InterContinental with over two decades of experience in hardcore marketing. With a complete understanding of the current market trends, he mentors businesses to automate their process & marketing functions, thus operating conclusively in a profitable manner.



The smart solutions significantly impact the financial statements of the entities and eliminate the unwarranted financial costs. It eases the financial constraints of the business and helps it build healthy financial books. The talent pool of ONPASSIVE brims with years of technological experience and expertise. This helps in delivering outstanding enterprise solutions that exceed the industry standards and transform conventional businesses into a complete AI-enabled, digital-based firm where technology triumphs over the manual operations. Business owners can lay their hands on real-time, data-processed recommendations, and actions. ONPASSIVE's offerings can stand against the dynamic technological advancements because new incremental updates are pushed to the cloud, which helps you to get the most sophisticated technology to operate your enterprise.

The ONPASSIVE's team has decades of experience in technology and entrepreneurship, which has enabled them to put customer’s requirements first in our product development.


To get the full low down on this AMAZING company. Visit ONPASSIVE'S official website.